Make Checkboxes Act Like Radio Buttons Using jQuery

This tutorial shows you how to make Check boxes act like radio buttons, this really need when the designer designed a quiz page with check boxes instead of radio buttons and the client wants only in that way. Sad isn’t it?

But don’t worry here is the solution for that,
jQuery Part:

Importing Excel files into MySQL with PHP

If you have Excel files that need to be imported to MySQL using PHP, here are the steps. You need only the class file of PHPExcelReader to read the excel file, rest of the things you can do using simple functionalists of PHP. The PHPExcelReader class file is attached to the end of this document.

After including the class file to the required PHP file where the upload script will be written, you only need to initiate the class , set a upload folder and call the required function, that’s it.

Then simply initiate the class,

$data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader();

Rest of the script you can get from the attached document. Importing Excel files into MySQL with PHP is a easy task. Click here to download the whole script. Happy Coding… 🙂

Simple Image Scroll Using Javascript Marquee

Simple image scroll using javascript marquee, only with the help of jQuery and marquee.js. Only need to add the javascripts and the scrolling div. This script will only output a div with a number of images scrolling inside it. You can add more functionality to it later as per your need.

Then you need to add the css for image container and the images,

That’s it. You have integrated your scroll. You can download the attached zip file which contains the html and js files here.