Metro Theme For phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin supports themes since version 2.6.0. All themes are not compatible with all phpMyAdmin versions. You should upgrade your phpMyAdmin to use Metro themes with it.

Modified Theme : Download the Customized Metro Theme

Modified From :

  • This is a minimalist, clean theme for phpMyAdmin 4, inspired by Windows 8 app design.
  • Tested under Firefox 22, Chrome 27, Safari 5.1.7, Opera 12.12 and Internet Explorer 9 & 10.
  • Using this theme under any earlier version of browsers listed above may cause erroneous appearance. Such browsers like Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 are definitely not recommended for this theme.

Installation :

  • Download the customized metro theme
  • Extract and move the extracted folder to /usr/share/phpmyadmin/themes/
  • Change permission sudo chmod -R 0777 /usr/share/phpmyadmin/themes/metro/
  • Now access the phpMyAdmin webpage
  • Change the Theme to Metro.
  • Enjoy

Customization :

  • Change my-pic.png in the ‘img’ folder
  • For any css customization browse css/common.css.php

Happy Coding. Enjoy 🙂

Split WordPress Post to Multiple Pages

All bloggers usually come across long blog posts to be published in their blogs. It’s good that you are giving detailed information on topic with your huge blog post. But have you ever thought what impression it makes on your visitors? Don’t make your visitors scared by showing them a long post in a single page, they may end up reading your post just once they scroll through out the length of your post. I have got a better solution for you, just think of split wordpress post into multiple pages.

How to achieve ?

To split wordpress post simply go to new post, put your WHOLE content in editor now ‘SWITCH TO HTML EDITOR’ and paste  <!–nextpage–>  from where you want your content to be shown in next page.


Compatibility Issue with themes

Sometimes pagination is successful but the navigation section does not appear. In other words, your page gets split but you don’t find any link to access them. This is because your present theme is unable to handle the tag for splitting the page. Its a small problem and can be fixed easily. Insert the following line to the theme’s template file.

Often the template file is called single.php. However some themes might not have a separate file for individual posts, and might utilize index.php itself. In this case you will need to edit this file.